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Dinçel ®  is the most popular heating cable manufacturer in Turkey.

It has been our main source of motivation for more than 20 years in order to develop knowledge, innovation, latest technologies and material investments, higher performance products that meet customer needs.

The flexible silicone cables we design and manufacture owe their high efficiency to three main features:

  • It is flexible for optimum heat and energy efficiency and can be applied in almost any way.

  • It is easy to apply, which allows for quick installation in tight areas with the little workspace.

  • Considering the investment and costs required for heating in most cases, our Resistance Cables are the most economical option.


Having ISO 9001, RoSH and CE certificates, Dinçel Rezistans is proud to add its products to the list of certified countries every year. These certifications are a great source of motivation for us.

High customizability is an important opportunity for you to be successful in your projects.

Our expert technical team has sufficient knowledge to make the necessary modifications and improvements in order to meet your needs apart from the standard models in line with the demands of our business partners. Make sure that all necessary checks are carried out during the technical drawing, planning, production and shipping stages, as this is an important opportunity for you to be successful in your project.

We are committed to our promise of quality.

High quality and internationally certified product range for your projects.

Flexible heating elements series of Dinçel Resistance are produced not only technically but also in accordance with the quality requirements of our customers.

We are aware that quality is not just a word with the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Therefore, our priority is to always supply our customers with the highest quality products.

In our laboratory, thermal, electronic, chemical and mechanical properties of our products are designed, approved and controlled before and during production. In addition, the necessary researches are carried out for possible improvements every year that production continues for maximum safety.

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