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Dinçel Heater Cables are used in freezers to prevent liquids from retaining mist and moisture. In industrial cooling groups, the radiator is melted by wrapping the fan edges. It is used against all kinds of frost in market type refrigerators, air conditioners, and aquariums.


We recommend using a controller to ensure these resistances have a long service life.


Note: The most commonly used power rating is 30 W / m for icy environments.

In addition, we recommend using the 15W / m range for Cooling cabinets.

These highly flexible heater cables are fast, safe and very easy to use. Standard models or customized designs according to your needs overcome most of the problems you may encounter during installation.

Call Dinçel now for more information.

  • Fully covered with insulating material

  • Incredibly flexible

  • It is 230 V as standard.

  • Can be produced in requested Volt value.

RoHS Declaration of Conformity

Technical details

CE Certificate

Assembly Instruction

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